Curios about my setup? Here is the stuff I use most.

This isn't my actual desk, but my setup is very similar, albeit messier.


Desktop Laptop, work Laptop, personal
Model Acer Predator P05-640 Macbook Pro 16" (2019) Dell Latitude 7370
CPU Intel i7-12700F Intel i7-9750H Intel m7-6Y75
GPU Nvidia RTX 3080 AMD Radeon Pro 5300M
Intel UHD Graphics 630
Intel HD Graphics 515
Storage 1 TB 500 GB 500 GB
Memory 16 GB 16 GB 8 GB
OS Nobara Linux macOS Sonoma macOS Monterey


  • Firefox – Like most developers, I have many browsers installed at any given time. However, Firefox is the one I gravitate toward the most. It's open source, free, and relatively private. All values I care about.

  • VSCodium – A community-run fork of VSCode without Microsoft's telemetry and tracking. Importantly, it's compatible with standard VSCode plugins.

  • Github Desktop – Other developers may look down on me for this, but I find Git much easier to use with a GUI. That said, I would love to find an alternative that is not electron based.

  • Dropbox – Pretty much anything that isn't code, I keep in Dropbox. It's also where I keep other important things, like recipes and embarrassing photos from childhood.

  • Affinity Photo – Affinity makes great alternatives to Adobe products. I bought Photo years ago for a one-time fee and have used it for years with zero regrets.

  • Spotify – Probably the app I use most outside of a browser. I have been using Spotify since the day it became available in the U.S. Although I find the podcast experience frustrating.

  • NetNewsWire – Simply the best RSS reader I have ever used. It also happens to be open source and free. I currently keep my subscriptions synced between devices with The Old Reader.

  • Simplenote – Every now and then I try to find an E2EE note-taking app, but they all have too many compromises. Thus, I'm sticking with Simplenote, even if it gets hacked and someone steals my killer band name ideas.

  • Bitwarden – My password manager of choice. Although there is a desktop app, I mostly use the browser plugin.

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Last updated: April 2024