front-end development

The University of Utah Health project was a full rebrand designed to reflect the exciting strides the organization has made in research, education, and clinical care.

I worked with our designer, Drew Corkill, to create a large-scale, highly modular design system with multiple themes. The project sought to unify the entire University of Utah Health organization and serve patients, students, and researchers from all walks of life. This project was based on an agile approach with many changes and iterations taking place as we progressed.

University of Utah Health Homepage


Careful consideration had to be made in order to structure the project in a way that allowed us to easily swap colors and make minor spacing adjustments for different themes. Huntsman Cancer Institute, a largely autonomous organization within University of Utah Health, has their own branding that our team worked hard to incorporate. Advanced Sass capabilities were utilized to keep the codebase as DRY as possible.

Huntsman Cancer Institute Homepage


The web team at University of Utah Health has grown considerably since I began. In order to keep all of our web developers and content creators on the same page, thorough documentation had to be written. My role was to create a complete pattern library containing all common UI elements used across our sites.


  • Prototyping
  • Documentation
  • Cross-Browser Testing
  • Performance Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization



Surveys overwhelmingly indicate users are satisfied with the new design. Patient facing websites have seen measurable increases in web traffic and appointment requests. Our team is still working to impliment and improve the design system throughout our web properties.

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I'm currently employed full-time, but am available for freelance work if the right project comes along.